a great WS-REST 2012 @ WWW2012

2012-04-21 @ 09:44#

i had the honor and pleasure of presenting my paper "APIs to Affordances: A new paradigm for services on the Web" (paper, slides) at this year's WS-REST Workshop as part of WWW 2012 in Lyon, France. i got some very good feedback during the review process and additional questions and comments at the workshop itself. it was great to be able to spend time with some of the very talented people working in the REST/HTTP Web services space.


there were a number of very good papers presented. instead of singly any out, i'll just encourage everyone to follow the link and check them out yourself. i also know that some of the papers will be updated by the end of April 2012. be sure to come back and pick up the latest editions after that date, too.

more than one of the papers directly mentioned the issue of hypermedia transitions as part of the implementation/design of services on the Web. as my readers might expect, i find this encouraging. i've continued to work along lines that focus on moving past a read-only loosely-coupled Web toward a read-write Web while still maintaing a high degree of loose coupling. More than one paper showed specific work toward that aim. i look forward to the time when these kinds of implementations become not only common, but also as easily assumed as the notion of "a link" is today on the Web.

of course, hypermedia was not the only focus of the papers. there are several on general modeling of services on the Web as well as two papers on applying aspects of the Semantic Web to services on the Web.


another of the highlights of this year's event was the chance to renew ties to several people i first met in person at the WWW 2010 in Raleigh, NC. i aldo got the opportunity to put faces to the names and twitter handles with which i'd been interacting over the last two years. having the time to talk w/ the attendees, presenters, and the workshop organizers (Rosa Alarcon, Cesare Pautasso, and Erik Wilde) is real 'boost' for me. it's a chance to hear new points of view, explore details, and gain an added appreciation for the work of others.

WWW 2012

and, yes, there was a full program of keynotes, sessiopns, and panels for the WWW 2012 event. i really enjoyed the keynotes this year; especially the talk by Neelie Kroes on the role of government in aiding the growth & safe-keeping of the Web. i also very much like the keynote by Bernard Stiegler on the "Age of Philosophical Engineering; view of how the Web is affecting all of us; even our brains.

all in all it was a good week; too bad it only happens once a year!

BTW - maybe i'll see you at WWW2013 in Rio.